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Internet TV for your Home Theater Apple TV vs Google TV or Boxee That is the question

Internet TV for your Home Theater Apple TV vs Google TV or Boxee That is the question
Doug Kasper - Wed Nov 17, 2010 @ 06:05PM
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Streaming Internet TV: Google TV vs. Apple TV

apple tv logo

Are you streaming internet video to your TV? What an exciting time to be living. We've seen VHS BETA wars, Blu-ray vs. HDDVD, now is it google TV vs Apple TV? There are so many options out there right now It's hard to know which way to go. Luckily the investment is not to high Apple Tv is only $99 although I feel it is very limited. I really don't see the point in buying something just to be able to rent per episode TV, on on demand movies. Google TV is well versed as it does some web browsing, and can get other channels, Although the networks have mostly blocked it currently from their internet content. The idea of apps is sort of interesting but most people are looking for a way to stream video content not look at twiiter, facebook, etc on their HDTV.

Boxee Box


One interesting new player is Boxee. If you haven't heard about it and you are looking at getting involved with streaming I'd recommend at least investing sometime into researching it. Boxee is a internet streamer with very similar hardware specs to Google TV. It differs because it has a twist with social media and friends etc. I also like the idea of marking various content as watch later! Keep your eyes open for this.

Play On


What I am currently doing is using Play on software running on a computer that streams various internet content directly to my internet connected samsung TV. Looks good. With this software I can stream Hulu (which is basicially all I need ) but it can do a lot more by adding in plug ins etc. I don't really see this as being a mainstream solution as it is a little geeky but maybe that's why I like it.

We'll be coming back later with more indepth information about all of the various ways to stream video to your TV.

In the mean time let us know what you are doing ofr if this is even something you are interested in.

Comments: 908


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