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LED vs LCD which HDTV is right for me?

LED vs LCD which HDTV is right for me?
Doug Kasper - Sat Jan 30, 2010 @ 04:30PM
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LED is the latest and greatest HDTV technology out there. So that means it's  what I need to have right?




There is no doubt the new LED TV's have a lot of neat advantages. The most noticeable is that they are a lot skinnier than LCD TV's. I just can't stand those deep 2.5" LCD's anymore. Well not quite, but it is interesting that a big part of what we look for in a TV is not only how the picture looks but what the TV looks like even when it is off. This being said LED TV's because they use LED lights instead of traditional lamps in the background are much thinner around 1.5" depending on he particular brand of LED HDTV you are looking at.

Another advantage of LED HDTV's is that they use less energy and last longer than the traditional LCD HDTV's. Just like lamps in flashlights that use LED's.

You may be surprised to find out that LED TV's are LCD TV's. The only difference is that the LED TV's use LED lamps to create the light in the background. The LCD's then open and close to let the varying amount of light come through as needed.

So are LED HDTV's better than the traditional LCD HDTV's?

This is very hard to answer generically, because there are many types of LCD and LED HDTV's. Just like you can not compare the entire line of Toyota and Ford Cars.

The higher end of LCD's have a higher quality image processing engine than the Low end LED TV"s. One thing to be aware of when you are buying TV's is that the manufacturing companies like to use the "new technologies" to sell TV's. So they will just make LED backlit TV's and people buy them even though the LCD TV in the same price range has a superior picture.

The high end LED HDTV's do have a better picture, and this is because they are locally dimable. What this means is that if a part of the picture needs to be black they can actually turn the LED's in that section of the TV off. Of course there is nothing darker than no light? The TV's that have this technology are much more expensive, but if you are going for the best picture money can buy, it is what you should look for.

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Comments: 289


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LED is the best because it consumes less electricity and also LEDs are much cooler than incandescent lights.

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Great info! I still have an old LCD TV and it still works like a champ!

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