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Convenience, Simple As Pressing A Button

I mean touching a screen

c4 touch screen

An Introduction to Home Automation
What is Home Automation?
How Does Home Automation Work?

Home Automation Benefits:

Save Energy
Increased Home Security
Added Convenience
Improved Home comfort

Videos & Examples

Looking at this picture what do you think you would touch to listen to the radio?

How about to turn the heat up or down?

What would you press to watch TV?

How about to turn lights on and off?

When we say as simple as pressing a button or an image on a screen this is exactly what we are talking about. Seeing is believing, but operating is the real experience. You wouldn't believe the number of people we've had at demonstrations that were just blown away at how easy it is to use their Home Automation system.

Easy to use, yes, but it will also change your life.

Not only is the system easy to use but it is convenient for you and your family. You have the option of incorporating many different kinds of interfaces from the 7" touch screen above to hand held remotes, to using your TV as an interface also. But it is what your system will do for you that changes your life.

What is your routine before you go to bed at night?

Do you and your partner go through 21 questions. Did you lock the door? Is the garage door shut? Did you arm the security system? Did you turn down the thermostat? Did you turn the radio off? Did you turn the lights off? Ugh! OK, so we're not perfect.

Well, once your security system is set in place all you have to do is respond "yes dear" and press a button on your bedside touch screen that says goodnight. Why not let your Home Automation system, confirm that the garage door is closed, arm the security system, turn the thermostat down, turn off the radio, and of course the lights. Best of all you don't even have to think about what's taking place. Now that's simple and convenient!

This is just one simple little example of how using a Home Automation will start to change your life. Depending on your lifestyle there are many different ways you can take advantage of it's use.

Life in Minnesota

shoveing snowOne client recently called us because he had a driveway heater and wanted to be able to control it when he was not home. He is one of the lucky few in Minnesota to have a driveway heater. But, if you were to see his driveway you'd understand why. It's very steep and if it were to start to ice up you'd have little chance of getting up it. It was actually installed by the previous homeowner.

We were able to assist him by installing a Home Automation System, he is now able to turn the driveway heater on when he is at work via the Internet. Now he can always get into his garage and does not have to leave the heater running on days it might snow while he's at work. Talk about simplifying life, that's a whole lot of snow he no longer has to shovel!

Are you ready to simplify your life?

silver logoIf you'd like to discover more ways Home Automation can assist you please feel free to call us at 651-455-4903 or contact us here.

We also hold public demonstrations. Please see the left side for Upcoming Events.

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