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Examples & Videos

Control4 Introductory Video.
Control4 is the main Home Automation system we use.

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An Introduction to Home Automation
What is Home Automation?
How Does Home Automation Work?

Home Automation Benefits:

Save Energy
Increased Home Security
Added Convenience
Improved Home comfort

Videos & Examples

Natural Wake:

If you've talked to me or one of our Representatives you may have heard this story before. I think it is a great example of how a Home Automation system can be used. We like to call it a natural wake. How do you wake up every morning? Most of us wake up to a loud beeping annoying alarm.

bedside touchscreenInstead, imagine having a small 4" touchscreen by your bed that now becomes your alarm clock. Every night you set your wake time. Lets say it's set for 6 am, after a night of sleep 6am rolls around. Your Home Automation system tells your lights to slowly turn up to 50% over the next 5 minutes. Then your morning play list starts to play in your bedroom at a nice soothing level. Over the next 5 minutes your lights turn up to their full light. Then your TV turns to your favorite morning channel, perhaps it's something like CNN that will force your mind out of it's night time fog. Of course while this all was happening your Home Automation system turned your thermostat to its day time temperature. Not to mention the night before when you set your alarm clock, your house automatically armed the security system, turned the lights off throughout the house, and turned your thermostat to it's night time setting. Of course you could do the same thing using the interface on your ipod touch or even your iphone, right from the comfort of your bed.

Demonstration of the iphone/ipod interface
Can you imagine controlling your home from the touch of an iphone or ipod touch.


Do you have more questions about Home Automation?

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