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Home Theater Installation Services

Professional Home Theater Installation Services from Kasper Connections.
Home Theater Service Areas

Did you know that having integrated electronics in your house such as in wall speakers, and wall mounted TV's adds resale value to your home?

minnesota houseMany new home buyers are and will be looking for homes with Multi - Room Audio, Home Theater, & Home Automation systems already installed. We will help you install a music and theater system that you and your family will enjoy throughout your lifetime in your house. But, rest assured that when and if you decide to move you will enjoy increased resale value, and less time on the market. .

HDTV Mountingwall mount
Are you ready to have your TV Professionally mounted on the wall?
We will mount your TV, hide your A/V cables in the wall and connect your audio system.

Don't have a mount? No worries. We are a one stop shop and can provide everything you'll need from the mount, to the HDTV you've been desiring and the cables to properly connect everything.
Schedule an installation Here
Call for details. 651-455-4903

Speaker Installation

Are you ready for Surround Sound? There's nothing like being washed with a bath of sound with a properly set up surround sound system. Whether you want to just get existing speakers mounted and properly placed, or you need help finding a new receiver and speakers we can help. We can get your house set up with in-wall speakers that can be painted to match your room, or mount your speakers on the wall.

Universal Remote Programmingremote control
Are you tired of juggling remotes? There's nothing like having one remote that can control your entire electronic system with the press of one button. Want to watch a dvd, press one button, want to switch to music, press one button. We are an official Harmony Remote Partner. This means we can provide and program the best universal remotes on the market.

Schedule an Appointment For a Free Consultation.
<Click Here> to schedule anything ranging from a Free Consultation, to Remote Control Setup, or even HDTV & Surround Sound Installation.

You can also always call us at 651-455-4903


Pre-wiring for Remodels and New Home Construction
Do you have an unfinished basement you are going to tackle this year, or are you in the middle of creating your plans for a new home? Give us a call. You don't want to be mad at yourself later. Get your new room wired for the future.

The cost of wiring an unfinished area is very minimal to the value it adds to your house. A properly wired house or room will give you a lot of flexibility for the future. You'll be able to use home media servers to have streaming music floating throughout your house, with wall plates that let you choose the artist and song you want to listen to. Your kids can listen to their music while you listen to yours. All with in-wall speakers and hidden wires. The cost of these systems is coming down all the time, but without the proper pre-wiring they are either not possible or more expensive to install. Call today for a free wiring estimate and consultation.

Media Room Planning.
Are you ready to create that awesome home theater room? There is a lot to consider, acoustics, decor, the proper equipment, and ease of use. Lucky for you we love to plan such rooms, and have the knowledge and expertise to help you create a room which you will never want to leave. Call today to set up a free consultation.

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