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Home Automation

Are You Ready For The World Of Home Automation?

  • home automationCan you imagine walking into a room and the lights automatically turn on, and then turning off a couple of minutes after you leave the room?
  • Would you like to receive text messages when your kids come home from school?
  • How would you like to be able to turn your home heat up when you are on your way home from a winter vacation?
  • Can you picture getting on your cell phone's Internet browser and disarming your security system to let a relative in?

Welcome to the world of Home Automation!

It sounds futuristic but Home Automation is here now, and it's much more affordable than you think. What do you think of when it you hear the words "Home Automation"? Besides Cool, Energy Efficient, Smart Home, along with many other things, most people think of it as Expensive. This used to be true but with the continual cost of electronics going down and all of the changes with wireless technology Home Automation is actually very affordable. If you start to look at all of the added benefits Home Automation brings to your house, such as cutting energy costs, increasing your home security, not to mention the added convenience and comfort you'll enjoy , Home Automation is proving to be a very smart investment.

question markIs it time for you to start taking advantage of the benefits of Home Automation?

This is something only you can answer, we hope you find the following information is helpful in the process of making your decision. Be aware that Home Automation like anything else new is something you have to see first hand to fully understand. The reason most people are not aware of it is because it is not something you see down at the big box electronic stores. This is the reason we try to hold public demonstrations, and offer in home demonstrations. We are sure that like many of our other customers you will appreciate the opportunity to learn first hand how Home Automation can benefit your life.

Would You like to learn more about the what Home Automation can
personally do for you?

  1. Keep Reading: What Is Home Automation?
  2. Schedule a Free In-Home Demonstartion (call: 651-455-4903 or use our on-line form)
  3. Attend a Public Event (see side bar: Upcoming Events or email us)


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