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Improve The Comfort Of Your Home

Do you love the soft music of a romantically lit room?

romantic dinner

An Introduction to Home Automation
What is Home Automation?
How Does Home Automation Work?

Home Automation Benefits:

Save Energy
Increased Home Security
Added Convenience
Improved Home comfort

Videos & Examples

Our home is our castle, isn't it? Everyone desires to have their home the place to come and relax, to shut down for the day, or the place to find peace of mind.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to create this calming environment is to use your new Home Automation system to stream background music throughout your house. Whether you want music in the kitchen, or music in your main bedroom your home automation system will be able to stream music from an Ipod, Rhapsody, XM & Sirius or music you have stored on a computer in your house. Even in rooms that you may think are hard to get wired we can provide wireless solutions to them. And don't worry about controlling your music, you'll have either hand-held control in a remote or touch panels showing you the artist, name of album, and song, and even artwork. Choose by genre, artist, or play lists, the choice is yours.

Lighting is the mood creator

We have talked a little bit about the money saving advantages of having automated lighting, but you will soon find out that one of the real advantages of automated lighting is using it to create great environments.

Do you like the color of CFL lights? Putting safety concerns aside many homeowners are not happy with the kind of light CFL's create. Well you can rest assured that you are still saving money using dimmers, but you'll continue to have the kind of light you want in your home. Using dimmers on a Home Automation system you can create scenes like a dinner scene, that creates the perfect environment for a nice family meal. You could even have it tied into turning on some beautiful background music at the same time. When dinner's over, press the clean button scene and your kitchen lights come up to the perfect level for the task at hand. No, we can not automate your kids to help out :) although we could make the TV inoperable while the cleaning scene is operating!

Would you like the fireplace on during dinner in the winter?

fire Of course we can set that up for you. Do you have other ideas of how you would use Home Automation to improve the comfort of your home?

We'd love to here them:

  1. Post your ideas and questions about Home Automation Here
  2. Contact us with a specific question or to schedule a demonstration
  3. Feel free to call also 651-455-4903

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