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Increase Your Home Security

Do you think about your home's security?

keep your kids safe

An Introduction to Home Automation
What is Home Automation?
How Does Home Automation Work?

Home Automation Benefits:

Save Energy
Increased Home Security
Added Convenience
Improved Home comfort

Videos & Examples

The most awful feeling is having your home broken into. If you ask anyone who this has happened to they will tell you it takes a long time for your home to feel safe again.

Obviously, a home security system is a great thing to have. These systems will alert the police if your house gets broken into, but do home security systems deter thieves? If you've watched shows like Forensic Files, you tend to see a reoccurring theme, either the thief knows how long they have to grab what they are after or they can disable the alarm.

Keep Thieves Away

Wouldn't it be great if we could keep thieves from approaching your house, instead of just telling us when they did break in? Do you remember hearing stories about how Mayor Rudolph Giuliani cleaned up the crime in New York City? He did a couple of things, fined people with broken windows and buildings and forced them to fix them. But what else did he do? He increased the amount of light in high crime areas. There is something about light that keeps criminal activities down. We can do the same thing with your house. By putting your house into a vacation, or away mode we can have door locklights randomly turn on and off every so often to make it look like you are home. We could even have your TV turn on for an hour or so, or your shades open up. Using lights in this fashion will force a thief to look for an easier target down the street, a house that looks empty and dark.

We could even incorporate motion detectors outside so if motion is detected it triggers a series of events like turns the bedroom lights on, then the hallway, then the kitchen, then the outside lights. This would scare anyone with the wrong intent away.

Come Home to the Light of Safety

How would you like to have your family arrive safely to a brightly lit home? By utilizing a small hand held remote that could stay in your car, we can set it up so once you get home and press the button on the remote your home will light a path for you. If you park outside the lights outside can come on, then the lights in the front entryway, then the lights to the kitchen or whatever your path of arrival is.

View Your House While Away?

web cam picDo you have kids or pets? Do you every have a babysitter or house sitter help you out? We have all heard horror stories about Nannies or bad babysitters. Well you can relax while you are on vacation by checking in through your laptop to view the safety of your loved ones. Simply by utilizing in home security cameras you will be reassured that everyone at home is doing just fine.

silver logoThere are many more ways to utilize a Home Automation system to help increase the security of your home and welfare of your family. If you'd like to learn more about implementing some of these ideas into your home please contact us here or give us a call at 651-455-4903

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