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Senior Services

Using Technology to Help Our Loved Ones Stay Independent

Watch our video above about:: Remote Monitoring Systems
Exciting new Technology that is Gives Caregivers Peace of Mind


Independent Living

Did you know technology can help you or your loved one live independent longer? Kasper Connections is focused on developing systems that will help us Age in Place.

Benefits of Staying Independent

  • Living Independent fosters an active mind
  • Moving can cause emotional and physical stress
  • Remaining in your own home helps you save money

Remote Monitoring Systems

One piece of the puzzle to keeping your loved ones in their own homes is a remote monitoring system. This cutting technology is available now and is very affordable.

Benefits of a Remote Monitoring Systems

  • Tells you if your loved on is having changes in activity levels
  • Information can be shared with a Care Team, in home care companies, Doctors etc.
  • Completely wireless system that can be installed in a day
  • Helps to catch problems early on, before they become major issues
  • Alerts can be sent to you via text or email, based on inactivity, or over activity
  • System can be used to give visual or audio reminders
  • Can be integrated with a security system, automated lights etc.

Would you like to learn more, we offer free consultations to go over any questions you might have. Please call us at 651-455-4903 to discover how a remote monitoring system can help you keep your loved ones independent longer.


Are you a caregiver for a loved one? whether you take care of a single person or are part of a company that helps a number of individuals a Remote monitoring system can help easy your mine, and work more efficiently.

Do you know when your loved on last used the bathroom? Have they been using the bathroom as much as usual or are they using it much more frequently? This is very helpful information for catching infections early on, but is a hard conversation to have day in and day out. This is one example of specific and helpful information that a remote monitoring system can provide for you. This allows you to spend your time when you are face to face with your loved one to be more focused on fun and stimulating activities.

Preventing and Catching Falls

One of the quickest seniors loose their independence is a fall, especially when they fall and can not get help for a long period of time. Can You imagine how scary it would be to fall and not be strong enough to get yourself up. Imagine struggling for hours and hours this is a very emotional and physically stressful experience that can easily effect a persons confidence as well as your physical ability to be independent.

If your parent fell would you know? Obviously we can not all be constantly calling our loved ones, with our schedules of work, kids activities, etc. Of course there are emergency call buttons that people can wear, but how often would you wear something like that? There may be medical buttons but what is the chance you will fall in the location where these buttons are?

A remote monitoring system could detect that your loved one is not in bed or sitting on a chair, and that their level of activity is extremely low. This would send you a text message. You could then call your parent to check on them and if they don't answer get yourself or someone over there right away. This is the advantage to a remote monitoring system over the traditional methods.

Brightly Lit Paths of Safety.

The same sensors that monitor your loved one can be expanded to automatically turn lights on to provide a safer walk way. As you know one of the first things to go as we get older is our eyesight. Your parent will undoubtedly say oh our night light is just fine. As we get older not only does our eyesight go but our denial about our physical conditions increase.

With this system instead of having to turn a light off by the door, it can be left fully on and then set to turn off once the bed is occupied for 1 full minute. This gives you a very safe walk way. Then if you get up in the middle of the night the light will automatically turn on. Motion sensors in the home can also turn the lights on in rooms as they detect motion.

A Key Piece of Aging in Place

Remote Monitoring Systems are a very key piece to the puzzle of maintaining independence. At Kasper Connections we realize the challenge to caring for your loved ones can be very overwhelming especially if you are tragically thrown into it. As a company we pride ourselves in forging relationships with very reputable in home companion and home health care services so we can help you get connected to many of the other puzzle pieces to keeping your loved ones independent.

Please feel free to give us a call at 651-455-4903 with any questions.

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