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Surround Sound Installation

picture of surround sound installationSurround Sound Installation

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Surround Sound Set Up $185

Surround Sound Set Up Includes:

  • Connect your audio and video components in 1 room.
  • Connect into the surround sound system up to 5 existing or new components. This can include TV, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray, Video Game System, Audio Receiver, CD Player, MP3 Player etc. (cables not included)
  • Set up speakers to for up to a 7.2 surround sound system , including wall mounting speakers. (mounts not included) (hiding wires inside walls, under carpets etc is available for $59 per line)
  • Perform basic audio calibration if audio receiver has built in capabilities.
  • Verify system is working properly
  • Includes up to 200 ft of 16/2 speaker wire, if required with install.

Our Professional Home Theater technician will:


  1. Conduct a pre-installation walk through with you. To determine proper mounting position and discuss other serivces you'd like to include.
  2. Position equipment properly
  3. Integrate and connect up to 5 components Networked components are extra
  4. Properly position and mount speakers (with provided mounts, hiding lines is an additional $59 per line)
  5. verify equipment is working properly
  6. walk you through the use of your equipment.
  7. Clean up work area and remove boxes


Additional Services may be purchased from technician
Our technicians carry extra equipment incase you need more custom work

Any Audio Video Cables needed.
Extension of electrical outle with power bridge kit.
Speaker mounting on wall or in wall
Programming of universal remotes
Any need services or fees will be discussed prior to starting work.

Your Price $185

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