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 Hardwood Floors 
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Are you doing other remodeling in this room now or soon?
If you will be pulling up carpet or opening sheet rock it is in your best interest to have us involved while this work is going on.
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TV Installation Questions:

You only need to answer this section if you want an estimate for installing a TV
Do you want your TV mounted above a fireplace?
If Yes, is it a wood burning fireplace?
What type of surface is the TV going to be mounted to?
Is there already an electrical outlet directly behind where the TV will be mounted?
Do you want or need us to hide all of the wires in your wall?
Do you already have a wall mount?
Will your cable box be located directly below your TV?
Please check all that will be hooked up to this TV?
 Audio Receiver 
 Blu-ray player 
 Internet Streaming Device 
Do you have an internet TV or Blu-ray player that you want us to set up on your network?
Do you have a universal remote?
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